A Florida woman,Monica Dorsett, was about to crash when she found a snake slithering out of her SUV’s air-conditioning vent.

Sharing the moment she said that

“she was in the middle of traffic when she turned on the cold air, glanced down and saw a red rat snake emerging from the vent, inches from her left hand.”


“I looked and I didn’t see anybody in (the passenger side) mirror so I did a right turn over two lanes into a parking lot,” Dorsett said.

Dorsett was filming as the creature made its way out of the door, but when she tapped on the dashboard to keep it moving the snake turned around and tried to go back into her vehicle. “That’s when I really freaked out,” Dorsett said. A self-proclaimed animal lover, Dorsett admitted that she panicked and slammed the door on the animal, leaving it hanging halfway out.