Two Michigan officers helped safely deliver a baby along a downtown Kalamazoo street on Saturday. Kalamazoo Public Safety Officers reacted to the call of a medical emergency just after midnight and found a woman in the middle of giving birth.

The woman, whom police didn’t identify, was on her way to Bronson hospital when her water broke and she began to give birth. She was in a car and the driver decided to pull over because he realized they were not going to make it to the hospital in time.


Sgt. Kristie Hofer was on the scene when she saw the baby’s head was “crowning” and the woman was about to give birth.

Hofer and another officer then delivered the baby as paramedics arrived at the scene. Fortunately, the baby boy was born perfectly healthy and the family was transported to the hospital.

The police department extended their wishes to the family on the birth of a healthy baby boy. wishes to the family on the birth of a healthy boy,” the department said in a press release.