A fast thinking police officer from Kansas saved the life of a young boy with autism when he jumped in after the child, who had fallen into a pond after being separated from a parent, as shown by body camera. Topeka Police Officer Aaron Bulmer was in pursuit for a group that had been fighting when he saw a 4-year-old boy walking toward the water at the Central Park Community Center at about 11:30 a.m. on Sunday. Aaron ran toward the little boy, but he fell into the pond before the officer could reach him.


Aaron quickly jumped into the water, took hold of the boy, and pulled him to safety. He reported to the radio that he has gotten a kid who fell into the pond and carried the boy to a park goer who took the boy while Aaron pulled himself out. The little boy was brought to a nearby hospital to be evaluated and was then reunited with a parent, who had been out looking for their son when the accident happened, police said. Officials came later to know that the boy had autism. Topeka Police said in a statement that most times kids with autism are drawn to water as it was in this scenario.