Samsung today signed a deal with MasterCard to benefit the Samsung pay users around the world. The deal was signed with MasterCard to use the digital payment system, Masterpass, which is already supported by hundreds of thousands of online retailers in 33 countries.

Users in USA will be able to use Samsung Pay for in-app purchase in addition to buying goods online. Online payments were already possible through Samsung Pay, but only in the company’s native South Korea, where they counted for 25% of the 2 trillion won in payments processed by the service.

Using Samsung Pay on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.
Using Samsung Pay on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Expanding the new feature to other countries from early 2017, Samsung Pay users be able to make online payments from their phones, tablets or computers, and use express checkouts that automatically fill in payment data based on information saved pay wallets.

Samsung is implementing its so-called “payment + strategy to give customers a reason to switch from Android Pay or Apple Pay. The new feature touts additional benefits to using Samsung Pay Beyond as a payment mechanism.

Starting in November, the service has been transformed into something that’s the equivalent of Apple’s Passbook, where you can not only store digital versions of your debit and credit cards, but also of the 4 million membership and loyalty cards on the platform, like those for Safeway, CVS, Walgreens, Starbucks, Macy’s, and Sears.