Researchers at Messaging Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (METI) are planning to catch the signals that would lead to confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrial beings for years.

San Francisco based organization METI plans to send conversation-starts to aliens rather than waiting for their messages. Organization set a deadline to complete the project by 2018. It would send out greetings in the form of signals via radio or laser signals to the planet circling Proxima Centauri.


This is for the first time scientists would conversate with the extraterrestrial beings in space. If success than researchers would continue with the further conversation.

Before attempting to have a conversation with aliens there’s matter of whether or not we should contact them at all, we don’t know if the aliens would be dangerous or not, would be they happy to talk to us? Scientists also need to figure out what message should they send as we are not aware of their languages, values or customs.